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2013 hot RF card lock for hotel FL-018S

2013 hot RF card lock for hotel FL-018S
Product name:2013 hot RF card lock for hotel FL-018S
 1. Model: FL-018S
2. Weight: 3.7KG
3. SIZE: W73mm*H220mm
4. Material:Stainless steel material, moisture proof, fire retardant, lasting more than10 years
5. Inductive Distance:≥ 20mm
6. Power: 6V AA alkaline batteries,18 months’ duration, low Battery Voltage warning. (Lower than 3.5 V)
7. ANSI Standard mortise/Euro standard mortise. Inside Dead Bolt. Inside handle retracts latches and deadbolt
8.Static Load<10Ua,Working Load: 100Ma-150Ma
9. Service Durability: more than 100000 times
10.Life Time: 10 years
11.Humidity: ≤ 95%
12.Working Temperature:-45 degrees centigrade~80 degrees centigrade 
13.Effective Time of Opening the Lock: 5 seconds
14.The Range of Gate Thickness:38~55mm
15.Recommended gate thickness:42~45mm
16.Suitable door: Wooden door, fire-proof door, metal door and so on
17.Override Computer Key for Emergency use, individual/master cylinder, Self Error detecting by LED and "beep”. Improper lock warning
18.Temic 5557 card or Mifare 1K/4K, compatible with Energy Saver
19. Step by step installation software, easy operation. OEM locking system available.
Classified Access Authorization for safety management.

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