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Fox Fingerprint Lock

Fox Fingerprint Lock
Product name:Fox Fingerprint Lock

* Combined unlock ways: fingerprint, password and key.
* LED display,grouping management,could add,delete and clear fingerprint one by one
*Back Locking Function
*Alarm functions
       Latch Bolt Alarm 
       Low Voltage Alarm 
       Tamper Alarm 
       Pseudo Password Alarm
*Constant Open Function
*12 keypad
*Startup by sliding lock cover 
*Emergency power supply 
*Door historical record(optional) 
*Digital display 
*Composite structure 
*Hidden lock-hole 
*Back lockout by lifting the lever 
*Zinc alloy material
Technical parameters:
Sensor type    Optical
Access type  Fingerprint/password/mechanical key
Number of users  100
FP Resolution   500DPI
LCD screen resolution     80*32pixel
Scanning time    <1S 
FRR(False rejection rate)     <1%
FAR (Flase acceptance rate)  ≤0.0001%    <0.0001%
Power supply  8*1.5V Alkaline batteries
Emergency power supply  DC 9V
Working humidity RH (20 ~ 80)% 
Quiescent current:  < 12 uA 
Dynamic current    110 MA ~ 180MA

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