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Fox Keypad Lock

Fox Keypad Lock
Product name:Fox Keypad Lock
 1.Three ways to unlok :digital password, intelligent card,mechanical keys; 
2.The master password and deputy password can be set, and the master password can unlock, deploy and delet the intelligent cards and deputy passwords;
3.Built-in liquid screen; 
4.Electronic anti-theft locks with standard three lock tongue; 
5.Built-in independent door-bell function; 
6.Automatically lock after the door is closed, and it can easily change the mode of automatic lock and hand lock;
7.The alarm will be sound under the closed and locked condition of door when it is forced to open or destroyed.
8.Lock keypad supports backlight to make you facilitatively open the door at night; 
9.When batteries are replaced, the alert will set off. And as it is below 4.8 voltage and the door is opened normally, please replace batteries in time;
10.Having a direct window, be able to confirm the state to open the door or close when the state did not lock the door alarm function; 
11.A power-saving mode, emergency external power port, when the battery is fully depleted, available 9 V battery power Open; 
12.Light touch slide design make it easy to operate and durable;
13.Applying to luxury villas, high-grade districts, intelligent communities, executive authorities, banks and other places
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